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This is the Home page for the GumBranch hunting club. The things done at this camp is no different from what camps did 100 years ago: hunt deer, swap lies, eat hearty food, play cards, smoke cheap cigars, enjoy the company of his friends, and bask in the romance of it all.

Although there are expensive and inexpensive camps that come in all shapes and sizes. The buildings don't matter much; nor the hunting success within reason. What counts is the company and the commitment to return from year to year, from generation to generation. The longevity of any club is it's ability to gather people who have common interest and values.

The companionship, the food, the respite from day-to-day jobs, the card games, the story telling, and a million other happenings in camp are very important. There are rules concerning how the camp should be run, where you can smoke and where you can't, who washes the dishes, etc. In addition to state laws, our camp has its own rules of etiquette, such as who has first rights to beds and where to hunt.

It is our goal to allow all as much as possible success on what they are looking for. To violate any of the camp rules should be unthinkable, and those who do so are quietly drummed out. A deer camp is a powerful common denominator between men of the outdoors. Many a brotherhood has been established from a deer camp.

D Moulder


Our hunting leases cover a wide range of options for our hunters to choose from. We have cut over land that was cut 2 to 5 years ago in several different locations. We have leases with young pines to mature pines. We have mature hardwoods in several locations in bottomlands. We have several leases that are made up of thickets of all kinds of timber. All of our leases have green fields, ladder stands, and shooting houses already set up. We scout our leases before the season to locate the best places for all our stands so we do have to move a few before the season begins each year. All in all we have 10 leases combined in three counties. One of the leases is the only close access to a large tract of Government land. This land locked Government land is mixed hardwood and pine and has produced many a fine deer for us. Also included are several tracts of land that the club has permission to hunt that is not leased land. Although one track of this land is also shared by others it has proved to be quite productive in past seasons.
As with all leased land, the land we hunt is constantly changing depending on timber management. Each year we face new challenging methods to hunt them. On more than one occasion we have gone from large hardwood forest to new cutover. It requires effort on our part to review the changes and make the necessary adjustments required to bring it back into production. We continue to look for new property to lease.
Each summer we strive to plant as many of our green fields as possible. Generally we plant Peanuts, Soy beans, Clay Cow Pea's, Corn, Purple Hull Peas, and Okra. Most fields are a mix of all these allowing for a verity of food that offers good nutritional value to the heard. We also place numerous mineral stations and supplemental feeding for both nutritional purposes as well as photo opportunities. Be sure to check out the Photo Gallery to get a look at some of the leases and planting.
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