To endorse and promote the concept of deer hunting as defined by the generations that preceded us as hunters. To support laws and regulations put forth by the MDWFP. To promote sound wildlife management practices; to educate the public as to the importance of wildlife conservation, the role of hunting, and the hunting culture; to elevate the public image and respect of hunters and to promote and preserve our hunting heritage as it has been for generations.


Hunting and wildlife conservation has been elevated to the public arena, resulting in more political and social scrutiny by a significant majority who do not hunt and are unaware of hunter history and culture.They are generally unaware of the wildlife legacy crafted by hunters, yet they support the ethical pursuit of wildlife. As a result, hunting ethics must be expanded to include societal expectations in order to gain over all continued acceptance, and support for hunting. It is our goal to show the land owners of our leases and the community that we visit each year in our pursuit of whitetails, that we appreciate their trust in us as a club, as hunters, and as leasers of their property. The owners of Gum Branch Hunting Club believe the laws concerning wildlife and the manner of hunting of wildlife should be maintained by the MDWFP and that we are not in the market to grow or maintain stronger club restrictions that increase the antler size of ranging deer for the sole purpose of growing our own harvestable trophy deer. The commercialization of hunting has changed the dynamics of hunting from what it was in the past.It is our goal and purpose to provide a quality hunting camp that gives people a place to hunt, a place to meet people of common interest and to further develop lasting friendships. We want to improve the image of hunters in the community in which we hunt and partake in quality legacy deer hunting.



The Gum Branch hunting club was started by three Duck hunters and a local resident of the community. The goal was to create a club for friends and family to come and hunt at an affordable rate and harvest deer for sport and consumption. The club started in 2002/2003 hunting season and after two years, three of us purchased the club property and set upon it a dining hall and bunk house. Presently we have two bunk houses one that sleeps 14 and another that will accommodate up to two couples. The camp ground property consist of 2 ĺ acres of land.We lease approximately 2,500 acres. In addition we are connected to the Choctaw WMA. There is a skinning shed and a cooler that will hold up to 10 deer at a time. The camp has approximately nine personal campers. The camp has grown from its original format to a more conventional management. In the beginning the owners managed the camp, its leases, funds, and the club rules.However the leases, club rules, and general management of the club has now been turned over to a members elected board. The owners now only handle the finances and the management of the facilities. This has worked well and has set the club in a new direction with high hopes of generating long lasting friendships between the members and the owners of Gum Branch HC LLC. We look for members that want a place to call home, a place where they can bring their children and harvest deer without the high cost and restrictions that many deer management clubs have today. That is not to say we donít manage deer. We provide summer and winter food plots while following the restrictions set forth by the MDWFP.We also provide supplemental feed and minerals during peek nursing and birthing times.