The following are considered the Camp Rules of Gum Branch Hunting Club. These rules are simple and non-invasive and are fair to all involved. The Member owners are Wes Nelson, Tim Stringer, and Dan Moulder. These Charter members will not be considered the Club Board members. Thus any changes must be accepted by the majority of the board prior to being written into the by-laws. The Charter members control community houses on the club camp land and the property. This control is only limited to modifications of the structures. Rules of use fall under the Boards authority.

 Gum Branch Hunting Club Bylaws


The current Board Members are Kevin Padgett, Sonny Noble & Andy Hunt.


The following rules are the product of the Board and owners of Gum Branch Hunting Club. This list contains the main rules governing the club. However they are not all inclusive and common sense must be used in many cases. Remember we all want to have a safe, successful hunting season. Be courteous to others as you would expect them to be to you.


1. Please notify Dan Moulder (his number is listed on the member’s page) if you do not intend to remain a member for the 2013-2014 hunting season so we can allow the opportunity for new members waiting to join.

2. Camp dues for the 2013-2014 season are $750.00 per member. Camper/Building fees are $100.00 per year. All members must be current on dues, work weekends and or work weekend dues prior to doing any hunting of any kind. (No Exceptions) First year members who join after work weekends are complete must pay $850.00 for that year dues.

3. All new members will be approved by a majority of the Member Managers. All new members will be on a one year probation.

4. The Club will have 23, more or less, paying members Plus the three owners unless voted on by a majority of the Member Managers. "Dues are none refundable."

5. All Dues must be paid by July 1st of each year. Dues not received in full by this date will result in the member being removed from the role. It is the responsibility of the member to make sure their dues are received.

6. There will be three work weekends a year and all members are required to attend at least
two or pay a fine of $50.00 for each day up to four days (two weekends) $200.00 max.

7. All members are required to sign a release form. A release form is required to be filed only once, and is good from year to year.


8. You may store harvested deer in the cooler in the skinning shed for seven days only. If you remove your deer and it is the last one the cooler doors should be left open and the cooler un-plugged. All deer must be tagged while on club property. All harvested deer will be logged in the log book (Please fill out as much of the log as you can).


9. If you cook or mess up the dining hall or bunk house you are responsible for your own clean up. “Pick up your own trash”.


10. Do not leave trash in the shooting houses; if you take it out there bring it back.


11. The ice machine is for all to use so do not empty it for your ice chest. Bags of ice are available in the kitchen freezer for your ice chest.


12. On Club stands it is expected that if a person is fortunate enough to harvest a quality buck or multiple deer from one of the green field stands, allow others in the club the opportunity to harvest a deer from that stand.
It is the goal of this club to offer success to all members and you will be expected to do the right thing.

13. Climbing stands are allowed for personal use.


14. Personal ladder stands are allowed but members must understand that just because they have a stand in an area that other members still have the right to hunt that area. If a member has a personal stand and have their name marked on it and you wish to hunt from it, then you must contact the stand owner and obtain their permission each time you wish to hunt the stand. If they do not have their name marked on the stand then it will be treated as a club stand and will be open for any member to hunt.


15. The use of supplemental feed (corn or pelletized) is allowed as long as it conforms to state regulations but it must be marked on the map to ensure that other members are not inadvertently hunting illegally over bait without even knowing. Such feed stations shall not cause any stand (club or personal) to be illegal to hunt from.

16. Each member is allowed to bring one guest per day. The guest is allowed to hunt up to six days. Any guest that wishes to hunt more may request to become a member if approved by the member managers and space is available. Full year's dues will be required at that time. No guest is allowed to use club facilities when hunting any property other than club property or accessing government woods through club property unless they are paying guest fees. A guest is considered any person that is not a spouse, or child / grandchild (under the age of
18) of the member with the exception of those children that are enrolled as full-time students or in the military and living at home during times of leave. Guest fees are $20.00 per part or full day. Members will be responsible for guest fees. All members are required to sign in their guest the day they arrive and leave. All guests are required to sign a club release before hunting is allowed. A guest may come and visit but not hunt and pay only $10.00 if guest stays overnight.

16. Members who bring guests are responsible for them. No guest or youth will be allowed without the member present.


17. No guest on opening day or weekend of bow season and no guest opening weekend of gun season on club land.

18. Members have first rights to beds and /or hunting stands. If a member has youth with them understand that adult members have first choice.

19. Absolutely no alcohol drinking before or during hunting.

20. All firearms are required to be unloaded within the camp boundaries. No shooting within camp area.

21. Limit all kills equal to or greater than State Laws and regulations.

22. All members and guest are responsible for obeying the MDWF laws and regulations and are required to limit

kills to the state allotted number. In order to limit pressure on the club’s deer herd, each member will be allotted one state bag limit harvested on club lease land. This will include deer harvested by a member’s spouse, children, and guest.


23. Any member who kills an illegal deer is required to pay a 25.00 fine for the first offense and the fine doubles for each new occurrence for that member. This includes guest that the member has invited and goes towards the members illegal count. No further hunting will be allowed until your fine is paid.

24. All Game killed must be tagged with your name while on club premises.

25. Smoking is not allowed in the community bunk house or dining hall after the season starts and until the last day.

26. Campers are allowed for use within club camp grounds. Owners of the campers are required to pay for their own hookups and must meet all safety & sanitary requirements. All camper owners are required to make sure all utilities are turned off when the users are not at the camp for an extended stay. Every personal camp is required to have a water and electric cutoff to the camper (No direct connections). This is a must to reduce the camp cost on utilities.


27. If you have a problem or confrontation, issue, etc. with another member report it to one of the board members.

All physical confrontations will result in immediate expulsion from the club (No Exceptions).


28. Do not drive your vehicles beyond the parking spots at each piece of leased property. If you trash leased land by rutting the roads from driving a vehicle other than an ATV you will be charge for the repair. Also, please do not ride ATV’s on food plots. We put a lot of time, money and effort into planting these plots and we cannot afford for them to be damaged by ATV’s. If you want to scout a plot for sign, please do so on foot.


29. When you skin a deer you are responsible for taking the remains to the gut pit within 24 hours. The rules of the gut pit are posted in the skinning shed. Although we pay a fee for use of the gut pit, this is a privilege that can be easily taken from us so please be sure and cover your carcass well.


30. All hunters are required to tag out when they go hunting and tag in when they return. We have to know that you are safe and have returned. In addition this helps to keep others from coming in on you. No tagging a hunting spot before 4:00 am the day of the hunt.


31. Do not park your vehicles in a manner that blocks the road or the ability to circle the camp ground. All trailers should be parked out of the parking areas when they are un-hooked.


32. Turkey hunters are allowed to use the camp facilities during turkey season but are required to pay 10.00 per day for utilities. If utilities are not turned on and you do not spend the night during turkey season there are no fees. Understand that the dues are what they are as long as the utilities stay under control. Utilities and leases are our largest debt.